A Proven Record of Success

America’s largest privately owned company dedicated exclusively to aviation security. Our services include passenger, baggage, cargo, and employee screening, external/internal airport patrols, access control, air carrier security services, and more. Covenant Aviation Security, LLC has provided over 36 million hours of aviation security services.

CAS is the industry leader in providing transportation security services to airport authorities, airlines, and the federal government.

  • Full Airport Security under 49 CFR Part 1542
  • Domestic Air Carrier Security under 49 CFR Part 1544
  • Foreign Air Carrier Security under 49 CFR Part 1546
  • Cargo Security under 49 CFR Part 1549
  • Employee Screening
  • Passenger & Baggage Screening
  • Cargo Screening

We offer practiced skill at transitioning the most challenging of security objectives involving demanding timelines and unique security and logistical issues. We pride ourselves on our reputation for best-in-class delivery of services. CAS currently performs over two million hours of annual airport security services throughout the United States. CAS has successfully transitioned numerous airport security contracts on time, without incident and on budget.

  Safety Act

CAS has SAFETY Act coverage for all aspects of aviation security.

As one of a select few security service providers with a SAFETY Act Designation and Certification, CAS clients are indemnified from any liability from a qualified act of terrorism. Our coverages are unique in that they were written specifically to cover our aviation security services, including:

  • Full Airport Security Guard Services
  • Airport Employee Screening
  • The TSA Screening Partnership Program

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

CAS sponsored the rollout of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s “What Security Professionals Need to Know” training at Orlando International Airport. This training raises awareness for identifying potential kidnapped or otherwise exploited children and Human Trafficking. Our workforce is trained to recognize potential indicators and report accordingly to authorities.

Texas Business License - COVENANT AVIATION SECURITY, LLC #B09396601

Covenant Aviation Security, LLC (CAS) was formed in 2002 after the tragic events of 9/11 to provide a more effective security model for the transportation sector. Prior to 9/11, airport security was considered by many to be “commodity work” relying on minimum wage personnel who were not properly trained and did not meet basic requirements.

CAS’s business model sought to correct those deficiencies by creating a successful new approach for customer-focused transportation security: one based on a competent, highly trained, customer-friendly, and professional workforce provided with living wages and benefits. This has allowed CAS to reduce turnover, increase workforce morale, and provide customer service-oriented security service to our clients.

CAS is the largest private contractor providing Screening Partnership Program (SPP) services to the TSA. CAS has been the screening contractor at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) since 2002. CAS is also an industry leader and premier provider of 49 CFR Parts 1542, 1544, 1546, and 1549 compliant security and screening services for Airport Authorities, TSA, and airlines. Our turnkey security program provides a one-stop project management system for workforce hiring, staffing, scheduling, training, and providing CFR compliant plans, procedures, and Post Orders.


Mindy Jacobson

Owner, Executive Chairman

Ms. Jacobson has owned the Covenant family of companies since its founding in 1992. As Executive Chairman, she oversees the companies’ strategic and financial steering. More about mindy

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Michael P. Murray

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Murray has full directional and strategic management and full P&L responsibility for all of the Covenant operating companies and reports directly to the Board of Directors.
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Michael Bolles

President, Covenant Aviation Security, LLC

Mr. Bolles serves as President of Covenant Aviation Security (CAS) and is responsible for the overall operational performance of the company.
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Jerry Park

President/CFO, Covenant Services Worldwide, LLC

Mr. Park serves as the President/CFO for Covenant Services Worldwide where he is responsible for directing the organization's overall financial policies. More about Jerry

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Christine M. Mueller

Executive Vice President

Ms. Mueller oversees day-to-day financial operations and systems, including financial statements, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, contract costing, and annual budget development. More about Christine

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Jim Brown

Vice President of Human Resources

Mr. Brown is responsible for directing all areas of HR, including employment and recruitment, benefit administration, employee relations, training, labor relations and compensation administration. More about Jim